Euabalong West Public School

Courtesy and truth

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About our school

Euabalong West Public School is a Kindergarten to Year 6 school with an enrolment of 21 students located in the North Western Riverina of NSW approximately 170km from the regional centre of Griffith.

Although rurally isolated we are supported by a strong and involved parent body and community. Staff of Euabalong West Public School expects students to achieve and reach their full potential.

This is reflected in our school plan through an emphasis on developing students' skills and understanding and strong communication between all community stakeholders.

Our school is also a member of the Riverina P6 Small Schools Group which utilises video conferencing technology to run spelling bee competitions, debating and other group learning opportunities that arise in the curriculum across 6 schools.

In addition to student centred learning using technology, the staff of these schools regularly utilise the video conferencing to conduct staff and LST meetings and as a general forum where possible for other activities that normallywould involve extensive amounts of travel for professional development and engagement.

Euabalong West Public School is situated in an isolated part of New South Wales and receives support through the Country Areas Program (CAP). A school bus services outlying areas enabling students from as far as eighty kilometres to travel to school each day.

Euabalong West is an extremely well-equipped small school with up-to-date technological resources, beautiful spacious grounds and an enviable family-type atmosphere.